Unikura NFTs are not just a means of proving ownership; they offer ways to enjoy and utilize them that go beyond simply holding physical assets.

Proof of sole ownership

One Unikura NFT is asossiated to one Collectible. This represents the ownership of the Collectible.

Enjoy Real-World-Asset by redeeming

The collectible is yours, so you can redeem it whenever you like. Details about the procedure of redemption can be found on this page.

Enjoy Trading

Unikura NFTs are compliant with the ERC-721(NFT) standard, so you can trade your NFTs in other Dapps supporting ERC-721.

Enjoy Lending Protocols

Unikura NFTs can also be used for lending. Unikura is forging partnerships with reliable DeFi projects. Please look forward to the expanding use of Unikura NFTs in De-Fi.

Enjoy Viewing

Collectibles can be displayed and viewed in the designated area. For more information, please submit a support ticket on Discord.

Community access

Unikura NFT holders have exclusive access to an online community on discord that is only available to individuals who own a Unikura NFT.

Priority of Event access

Unikura regularly hosts IRL events over the globe. Unikura NFT holders can receive priority invitations to attend these events.

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