How to Top Up

To top up your Unikura wallet, you must transfer funds manually from other digital wallets to your Unikura wallet. If you do not have another digital wallet then you can create one from the recommended list below:

  • Any other digital wallet service or CEX that are compatible or can run on the Polygon (MATIC) network. An example of providers can be found here. Once you have set up your digital wallet, find the way to send or transfer currency to another user in your wallet app. You can refer to some examples below. Sending MATIC from MetaMask: Read the full steps here.

Sending MATIC from Coinbase: Read the full steps here for Web/Mobile.

As all items on Unikura prices show USD, we charge the equivalent of the USD price in MATIC. If you would like to use your external wallet directly instead of your Unikura wallet, you can also link your external wallet to Unikura.

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