What is Unikura?

Unikura is NFT marketplace where all of NFTs are backed by physical assets. We solve the issues of buying, holding, selling, and shipping collectibles at marketplace by Tokenizing Real World Assets.


Many Japanese Real-World-Assets are listed on Unikura. By tokenizing and owning these collectibles, you can have ownership while avoiding various challenges, and as a token holder, you can gain numerous benefits. Additionally, if you really want to own the physical asset, you can redeem the actual collectible by burning the token.

Why Unikura?

No shipping fee

Wonderful Real-World-Assets exist all over the world, so to own them, collectors have to pay high international shipping fee. But Unikura's protocol allows Real-World-Assets to be stored securely in Unikura's partner warehouse, and hold it as Redeemable NFT, so users don't have to pay international shipping fees, and trade as NFT on chain.

No storage space

Also, users no longer need to think about storage space or maintenance facilities to keep their collections in good condition. We have partnered with a top tier Japanese art- warehousing company to store collectibles in a safe, high-quality environment.

Authenticity verification

We build a network of validators and evaluate collectibles based on the voting of multiple validators. If the network find a problem with a collectible, the network will cancel your order and process a refund.

Crypto payment

One blocker to owning expensive Real-World-Assets is the method of payment. E-commerce services often reject credit cards issued abroad. We have implemented a Crypto payment feature to provide an easy payment method for Crypto Holders. Peer-to-peer payment between the seller and buyer without going through a third-party payment service provider. This design aims to reduce unnecessary payment fees and return the profits to our users.

High liquidity

Selling Real-World Assets can be challenging for general collectors because they need to address all of the above issues after finding potential buyers. However, Unikura's structure has resolved these issues, and additionally, the trading of NFTs contributes to their increased liquidity. Unikura NFT is a robust and redeemable NFT backed by Real-World-Assets. Our holders can borrow cryptocurrency using the Defi Protocol by using Unikura NFTs as collateral.

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