How It Works

This is a brief overlook of how Unikura works:

1. Original Owner lists it's collectible

  • Original Owner, who is the first owner of the collectible, can apply to list their collectible. To list the Collectible on Unikura, Original Owner needs to submit the information and photo of the Collectible.

    • Now Unikura tokenizes collectibles, only those with a story to tell, stable value, and popularity among global collectors. Currently, Unikura can accept collectibles from Japan ONLY now.

      • Trading Cards (Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, ONE PIECE, NBA, NFL etc.)

      • Luxury Fashion Bag (HermΓ¨s, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Gucci, Dior, etc)

      • Luxury Sneakers (Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, BALENCIAGA, PRADA, Dior etc)

      • Luxury Watches (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, OMEGA, Hublot etc)

      • Fine Art (Painting, Print, Photograph etc)

2. Buyer order a collectible

  • When a buyer finds a collectible of interest on Unikura, they connect their wallet and make a payment using Ethereum/Polygon.

  • At this point, Unikura NFT is not minted. The tokenization of the collectible occurs only after it has successfully arrived at Unikura's storage and gets a consensus of authenticity and condition evaluation on our validation network (Proof of Authenticity).

  • Buyer can see their collectible and Unikura NFT in " My Vault" page.

  • Unikura requests email registration so that we can contacted you during this process as needed.

3. Seller ships the collectible

  • Upon the order from the buyer, Original Owner will arrange the shipment to our facility. Please note that the shipping costs are borne by the Original Owner.

4. Unikura go through the process for Proof of Authenticity

5. Unikura stores the collectible

  • After the Proof of Authenticity is issued, the collectable is securely stored in a Unikura's storage or Unikura partner's warehouse. For security reasons, basically the detailed location of each storage unit is not disclosed. The buyer is the owner of the physical asset. Therefore, if the right to view is exercised, the physical item can be seen directly, but the location and time will be discussed with Unikura. In many cases, the disclosure will be in the Tokyo area of Japan.

6. Unikura mints token for buyer and transfer the sales to the seller.

  • Finally, Unikura mints a token to the wallet that was signed at the time of the order using Smart Contracts.

  • Simultaneously, the product price in Ethereum/Polygon, which the Buyer had previously paid, is transferred to the Seller's wallet address.

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