Collectible Redemption

Unikura NFT serves as proof of ownership for the associated Collectible. Therefore, if you want the Collectible in your possession, you can burn the NFT to order the product anytime, anywhere.

How to Convert Your Unikura NFTs into Collectibles

  1. Select which item to redeem

  • You can request for a redeem from the hamburger menu on the right corner of Unikura and select the NFT you want to redeem.

See this page to estimate your shipping costs. Please note that you will need to handle the delivery procedure yourself.

  1. Submit information

  • To proceed with the shipping process, please fill out and submit the form with the necessary information. At the same time, you have to sign to burn the Unikura NFT with your wallet.

After that, you will not be able to cancel to redeem.

  1. Arrange the shipment

  • After checking the submitted information, we will contact you via the email you registered with Unikura. The email will contain details of the shipping process. Please proceed with the shipping arrangements according to the instructions provided in the email. Unikura will safely package the product and hand it over to the courier service.

  1. Ship the collectible

  • Unikura will hand over the packages to the courier who comes for pickup

  • Then, all you need to do is wait excitedly for the arrival

Unikura NFT and the collectible associated

  • The Unikura NFT serves as proof of ownership for the associated Collectible. Therefore, burning the NFT triggers the redemption of the Collectible. Consequently, if you redeem the Collectible, you cannot continue to hold the NFT.

Global Reach of Shipping Services

  • We use DHL to support the shipment of entrusted packages to over 220 countries. Please note that there are some countries that DHL does not cover.

Understanding Fees and Taxes for Redemption

  • Users seeking to acquire the collectible associated with their Unikura NFT will need to cover shipping costs as well as any applicable customs duties or sales taxes, which will vary based on their country of residence.

  • Shipping costs vary depending on the size and weight of the product, and the delivery destination. After you submit the Redeem Form, our Operation Team will communicate an estimated cost to you individually.

  • Please check the website of the national tax agency for information about customs duties and other taxes respectively.

Speed and Transparency in Delivery

  • The delivery using DHL usually takes less than a week, depending on the destination address.

  • A tracking code will be issued, allowing you to timely check the location of the store's package.

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